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Last Update: August 21st, 2001


KCRA and Hearst-Argyle Announces New Joint Sales Agreement

KCRA-TV, the NBC affiliate for the Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto market, and Hearst-Argyle, the owner of KCRA, has announced a Joint Sales Agreement with Sacramento Pax affiliate KSPX-TV.  This is the 55th joint sales agreement between a Pax station and the local NBC affiliate in the same market.  Now, almost every Pax station has a JSA with the local NBC affiliate.  Now, KCRA's newscasts will also be "repurposed" on KSPX, which basically means they will repeat a KCRA newscast at 7:00pm and 11:30pm.  So, you can catch KCRA newscasts on three stations in the Sacramento market!


The Tale of the Missing Co-Host
So, anybody want to take a wild guess where KTVU's morning co-host Mark Pitta is?  If you do, I'm sure the folks at KTVU would love to know.  Newsblues is reporting that Mark Pitta took off on an "instant vacation" right after arriving on the set last Tuesday, August 14.  KTVU's futile attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful, and has not reported back to work since.


Kessler's Left for Salt Lake
Everybody saw this coming.  John Kessler is the first anchor to jump ship at the Bay Area's soon-to-be-independent KRON-4.  Kessler, a divorced father, left KRON for Salt Lake City two weeks ago to "be closer to his children."  On the other hand, however, CNN's Vicki Liviakis was seen anchoring this morning on KRON-4's "Daybreak."  Maybe she's here to stay?  



















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