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KTVU is the Fox network affiliate for the Bay Area, and has been since 1986, when the Fox network first hit the airwaves.  KTVU iis also the Bay Area's solid late-night news ratings leader.  Channel 2's "The Ten O'Clock News" beats every single 11:00pm newscast in the ratings.  Together with the power anchor team of Dennis Richmond and Leslie Griffith, and Emmy-winning reports,"The Ten O'clock News" is recgonized by the Project for Excellence in Journalism as the best local newscast in the country.

KTVU recently launched the half-hour "The Six O'clock News," with Dennis Richmond anchoring it solo.  However, ratings were not as good as the 10:00pm broadcast, and the management brought in Julie Haener from the weekend news to be a co-anchor for Dennis Richmond.  But still, many, including myself, still do not remember that KTVU has local news on at 6:00pm.

Even with its fledgling 6:00pm news show, KTVU is still considered a ratings powerhouse and is one of the Fox network's highest rated affiliates.  And when NBC came to them asking if they wanted to take on the Bay Area's NBC affiliation which KRON would be dumping in 2002, KTVU said that they were "completely happy with Fox."  After all, channel 2 did just sign a ten-year affiliation agreement with Fox.

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Station Address:

2 Jack London Square
Oakland, California 94607

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2222
Oakland, California 94623

(510) 834-1212

Web Site:
Air Channel: 2
Digital Television Channel: 56 (
On The Air)
Affiliation: Fox Television Network
Cox Broadcasting, Inc.
Newscast Title:
"The _____ o'clock News," "Mornings on 2"
Studios and Bureaus:
Oakland; San Jose (South Bay Newsroom)



















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