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 Got a TV News habit?  Check out these sites...

TV News Themes

The utlimate website for anybody looking for a sample cut of virtually every news theme out there.  An overall great website.

The SouthernMedia News Music Search Archive

OK, I was vacationing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I simply loved the news theme that was being used on KOTV.  But I didn't know what it was!  With the SouthernMedia News Music Search Archive, I can look up the station, the composer, the package, or the year in which it was used.  Oh, and by the way, KOTV is using Stephen Arnold's The Spirit.  

The TV News Themes Junkies Place

Don't let the title fool you...we don't just talk news music in ths hoppin' club on Yahoo!.  It's an all-out news debate that covers graphics, music, sets, and the overall appeal and appearance of TV news.  Sure, our founder Comwhiz can be a little controlling sometimes, but, hey, that just goes with being the founder of such a successful club.  If you're not already a member, join today and get in on the conversation!  Oh, and if you see a caliwxdude in the club, that's me.  

Hearst-Argyle TV News Fansite and

You either love Hearst-Argyle, or you hate them.  Me, I hate their strict standardization.  So, I guess I hate the Hearst-Argyle station group as a whole.  This site does have a lot of multimedia from various Hearst stations around the country, including some KCRA clips that yours truly donated to the Hearst camp's cause.  Talk about Hearst-Argyle in the Fansite's Yahoo! Club.  Join my anti-Hearst faction in the club and let's crash the pro-Hearst party!!

Jim's TV News Themes

A great selection of news themes from the past, including video opens from many newscasts around the country.  I especially love the California TV News page, it's really refreshed my memory of when I first lived in the Bay Area back in 1994, and I learned a thing or two about Bay Area news from that site as well.  A definite must-see for all you news history buffs out there!

Eyewitness Network News

A partnership of over nine TV news websites forms the backbone of Eyewitness Network News.  (This website is also seeking to become the tenth affiliate.)  ENN has a reputation for covering the story first, fast, and accurately.  When you're looking for news on TV news on a national scale, turn to Eyewitness Network News.

The El Lay News Center

This site really seems to be a work in progress, at least from a user standpoint.  I'd really like to see some more multimedia files up here.  Thanks for getting the pictures to not cover up the links to the video files!  Anyway, this is the only site covering the nations Number Two market.

TV News: New York

Covering the nation's Number One market, this site provides an insider's view into New York City's television news shops.  It's a content-packed site that's worth a visit.

WCAU-NBC10 Fansite

A very well-designed webpage on Philly's NBC O&O WCAU.  

BtvN: Baltimore TV News

Or should I say Charm City TV News?  Take your pick.  A great website covering Baltimore.  BtvN also has an AWESOME collection of news opens from across the country.  Check it out today!

South Florida TV News

South Florida TV News does a great job covering the endlessly changing TV news environment in Miami-Dade.  Sit back, watch a few news opens, and you'll feel like you're sitting outside in South Beach.  (OK, so maybe that strectched it just a bit...)  

Louisville TV Stations


This site's sort-of in hiatus right now, but he's promising a great site once he can put some time into it.  I've always wondered this: do you say it "Louis-ville" or "Louiville?"  If you know, drop me a line.  

Fresno TV News


Well, not much is ever happening in this sleepy agricultural town located smack-dab in the middle of nowhere in Central California.  But Fresno TV News does keep very good tabs on the happenings on the old boob tube.

Toledo TV News

This is exactly what I'm going to do if I receive a lot of complaints!  Keep your emails to constructive critisism, please.  Either that or I'll just write a nasty email back to you.  Your choice...   But I still believe that you shouldn't let complaints close you down.  

Triangle TV News

Has anybody noticed that Triangle TV News is set up just like the ABC O&O websites?  Of course, I did steal my navigation buttons off a WorldNow site, so...we'll just leave "webiste replicating" alone for right now.  Anyway, this website is a great source for information on TV news info in North Carolina's Triangle.  

Tulsa TV Memories

Ah, yes, Tulsa, my old stomping grounds.  It's too bad nobody's made a current Tulsa TV News website, because I'd love to see the new KOTV opens using Arnold's The Spirit package, as well as new opens from KTUL and KJRH.  And I heard that KOKI, the Clear Channel-owned Fox affiliate, will be starting a primetime newscast this fall.  I want to see it without jumping on a Southwest Boeing 737 and flying out there!  Anyway, this is a great reminder of the days of Bill Hower, Don Woods, and the weathercartoon Gusty.  You know, I may be bias, but I think that the TV and radio stations of Tulsa have more history behind them than any other in the country.   Who am I kidding.  I am bias!  





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